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  • Quality management

Our members are committed to the most stringent quality standards. We all know that ensuring and expanding product quality is essential for business success.
Standards are important standardisations of industrial production and a measure of quality assurance. In addition, competition is pushing up the quality requirements of customers all the time. Standards in environmental and industrial safety are also to be adhered to. We will inform you about any changes to regulations and standards and support you to meet the constantly changing basic conditions. The objective is to be able to guarantee your quality and meet customer requirements for the long term. In order to achieve this, we offer

  • working parties on the subjects of quality management and quality assurance. You have direct contact with our experts.
  • Comprehensive information on key quality management measures. How do you efficiently meet customers' quality requirements?
  • Information about which specific impact certain regulations have on working processes in the supplier chain.
  • Relevant expertise on the standards in environmental and industrial safety through the WSM specialist group.
  • Involvement in work on standards via the standards committee on springs, punched parts and sheet metal parts.

Do you have any questions about our association or specific topics? We are happy to help you further.

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