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The automotive business is a key sales market for parts in the sheet-metal forming industry. Its players focus on the growth markets and are also pacesetters for other industries. Supply companies support the variety of models and are the key driver for innovation in the supply chain together with your customers.

The electronics industry, engineering, medical technology and agricultural mechanical engineering are further industries in which components and sheet-metal working products are in demand. Toolmaking is the basis of the forming process. Germany occupies a special leading position here, about which we report jointly with the network partner.

Markets are also diversified through substitution processes. For example, just as sheet-metal working products replace conventional manufacturing processes because of the special material and energy efficiency, lightweight construction, thermoforming and hybrid structures are key terms in constant further development.

The sheet-metal industry is a buyer of metallic and non-metallic primary materials. Good market information, here in particular the steel market reports guarantee the position of the member companies and enable these to react to market changes early.

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